Fashion Editorial I

Fashion photography is a genre which is mostly a tour of different clothes and fashion accessories, what I was trying to enrich with emotional and mental concept. The main idea is the contrast between surface and depth, fulfillment and emptiness, in a human as well as in fashion. The fashion world is often superficial, despite the fact that fashion and clothes by themselves should leave a little deeper, permanent feeling, not only surface but also inside. This concept I placed in fashion through simple design of a jersey, which merges with the body and a black jersey as a contrast to it. The main addition to a light jersey is a plug on a necklace, which is in place and holds “filled basin”, or just hangs. An addition to this is the black jersey symbolizing the “empty basin” – emptiness. Shirt and hands in certain aspects unite, which symbolizes merging a human with clothes, what characterizes also their emotional mood and inner feelings.