A series “Path” is a fashion series with a psychological meaning. It consists of portraits of the models lying outside the blocks of flats. In every shot there is a doormat next to a model or below her. The series represents a negative side of a modelling, which is concerned to be an ideal job, but the truth is quite the opposite. Models are often treated ruthlessly, indifferently, similarly to doormats. Except of the emotional function, the series has the aesthetical and visual function which should be a part of the fashion photography, therefore, each one of the doormat corresponds with the clothes of the model in colour, shape or pattern. The series is called “Path” because of the path, the road we walk, which can direct us somewhere and give us meaning, but paradoxically we find ourselves down and out, lying on the path without an idea what to do next and how.

idea and photo: Hermine Patch
models: Viktória Vitikáčová, Vika Šariková, Gabriela Dvořáková, Tereza Kolačkovská, Karla Faixová, Alexandra Hovancová
assistance: Janka Beka